Portfolio Project

Portfolio Film

VFX, Production & Editing, 2019

About the film

This is a portfolio montage | FX project about the connotation of an image on an extremely active brain at 3am. It protrays the imagination/memories a person tries to remember and also wants to find the dizzy scenes to help herself fall asleep. (Like counting sheeps in our head on bed)

Location | Richmond Carnival 2019

Music | Ikson - AM

Solo Project; Project lasted 3 weeks (Spring 2019)

Skills & Tools

Camera: DSLR T7i; Canon, Tamron 18-270mm

Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition


It is 3-4am, a long night when you lose count on how long you have been laying on bed. You go out, wash face and find a new distraction, method to help you fall asleep. A photo on the wall triggers the memories, all the fun moments, rolling and rolling yet triggers other stressing things as well (weight — scale, assignment — pencil, waiting for letters —open and close mailbox). It depicts the train of thoughts when suffering from insomnia. The vintage yo-yo through out the video is motto in head to enhance sleepiness.

Visual Effects Breakdown

Effects used: Double Exposure, Blending Modes, Track Mattes, Screen Replacement, Glitch

From screen replacement on the photo to the glitch effect on video, these are used to represent the first switch of dream and reality in the video.

The glitch effect is more frequent at the beginning of the video to represent the throwback of unclear memories. It is a unstable process as the person is still finding the pieces. As more puzzles are found, it becomes more clear, stable and smooth transitioning and flashing.

Blending Modes — Double Exposure and Track Mattes are used when the person is starting to put herself into the memories.

The most challenging in all the effects used is the transitions in this montage. I intended to create the smooth transitions with certain objects and similar motions.

Final Reflection

This concept is subjective, complex and experimental to depict and express the state of insomnia. I believe I can explore more dynamic VFX in this montage to interpret unusual thoughts and the boundless imagination.

portfolio film image2

Full Video Below / Open Video Link