Momate App

UX/UI for Mobile App, 2019

Design Proposal

What is MOMATE?

A support network for mothers to connect, share experiences, and build lasting relationships, with the particular focus on supporting single mothers to find assistance, a sense of community, and an opportunity to empower one another.


It is a user-centred design.

In small design team, we research, propose, design, prototype, evaluate and refine this interactive system designed for a specific domain and context — single motherhood in the domain of Parenting and General Childcare.

Also, we develop our design to a high-fidelity interactive prototype and mockup to be evaluated by the end user we are designing for.

In a Team of 4; Project lasted 6 weeks (Spring 2020)

My Role

User Research & Persona; UX/ UI for core feature and landing page

Visual Design — Colour and Font

Video Editing for Video Pitch

Skills & Tools

Planning & Define: User Research, Persona, Experience Mapping

Prototyping Tools: Figma, Figma Mirrow App for Interactive Mockups

User Testing Approach: A/B testing, Think-aloud test

Video Editing: Premiere Pro

updating content...

Sorry about the missing content under this project. I am currently updating design process and my contribution in the design process.

To know more about the project, you can download project presentation slides (PDF) OR watch our project pitch video (LINK) below.

Final Reflection

This is a valuable experience in doing UXUI work where we could use the insights from our research to design and help minority group innovatively. WE believe this project is a success based on the positive feedback received from the user-test and evaluation by single parents.

momate cover image

Download Project Document

Open Link to Project Video Pitch